About fractaloops

 About Fractaloop

Let me introduce...
I started making fractal loops when I had the excitement to create some videos with fractal psychedelic images.
After I tried many fractal programs I decided to work with a very unique software in the way he make the images move and how to shift  colours. I have tried many fractal zoom softwares but non of those softwares make this type of  fractal animations !  I do make this fractals become animated by saving 1000s of images one by one and using two different  programs to make the loop images shift colours and change speed.

Other aspect of my Fractal clips is that I do not need professional video programs or VJ software to make the videos. I use Windows Movie Maker and I have a tutorial on this blog to tell you how you can use this fractals to make your videos too.
 If you are interested to have this fractals included in your projects, visit my page at Festival Trade where you can download individual image loops or full pack of 10 fractals each, legal to use.
After I achived the first loops pack in 2010, I was asked to produce a music video for a dance label and since then my work has begun to grow.
 I hope you like this visual hallucinations.
Enjoy !

Updated: 23/08/2013